“SOMM SELECT – Review of ‘Tour Rain’ “

This is another one of those career highlights.  I am truly humbled by this review and wine feature.

What an exciting opportunity to be featured on SommSelect, where Master Sommelier Ian Cauble selects special wines offered daily for purchase. Ian Cauble was one of the wine professionals featured in the documentary film SOMM.

This quote nearly flat-lined me:

“Just when the same old stand-by classics prompt us to yawn in boredom, an interesting wine of such purity, personality and historic roots comes along to throttle our senses into a state of elation. Such is the case with this incredible red wine. Inspired by mesmerizing obscure blends of the Loire Valley, but nurtured in the Oregon terroir, winemaker Leah Jorgensen lovingly calls this riveting red blend, “Tour Rain,” in honor of the celebrated Touraine appellation in France’s Loire Valley. This “Loiregon” wine is sustainably farmed, L.I.V.E. certified and is crafted with minimal intervention, delivering a wine that is full with life and the energy of its ancient soils. Drop all preconceived notions you may have about how this blend of 45% Gamay Noir and 55% Cabernet Franc should taste and just trust us on this one. This intersection of thriving wild berry fruit, wild mountain herbs, and savory, floral complexity is one of the most profoundly interesting wines we’ve tried all year and is something which will exceed all expectations.”

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