Crushed Grape Chronicles


We were interviewed by Crushed Grape Chronicles at the Uncommon Wine Festival last July – our conversation was so engaging and fun that this turned out to be a mini series of 7 segments.

We wholeheartedly appreciate it when wine lovers share our story!  Thank you to Robin Renken, Explorer & Chronicler at Crushed Grape Chronicles out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

First Segment – Southern Oregon & Its Soils (video only)
Full Page

Second Segment – Blanc de Cab Franc…What? (video only)
Full Page

Third Segment – Sauvignon Blanc (video only)
Full Page

Fourth Segment – Grapes of Southern Oregon (video only)
Full Page

Fifth Segment – Rosé of Cabernet Franc (video only)
Full Page

Sixth Segment – Oregon “Tour Rain” Vin Rouge (video only)
Full Page

Seventh Segment – Malbec (video only)
Full Page

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