Pirate Princess, Owner & Winemaker
Leah is wife to Asa and mom to Iver.  She’s been in the wine indy for nearly two decades and started making her own wine in 2011.  The daughter of an Oregonian, Leah moved to the land of Douglas firs from the land of dogwoods in 2004 after attending Oregon Pinot Camp.   She has worked for pioneering wineries including Erath Vineyards, Adelsheim Vineyard, and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates as a sales, marketing and communications expert before leaving behind administrative offices for the lure of the cellar. 

A graduate of Sweet Briar College for women, with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, Leah went on to earn postgraduate degrees in holistic nutrition at the Wellspring School, studying a curriculum of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, and Enology, the science of winemaking, at the Northwest Viticulture Center.  Leah finds her inspiration in her father’s farming heritage rooted in Denmark and Norway, and her mother’s winemaking heritage rooted in Italy and Austria.  Leah specializes in the production of Cabernet Franc, what she calls the ultimate Cinderella grape.

Proust-ish Questionnaire:

1)  If not yourself, who would you be?  An astrophysicist.  And a writer for SNL.
2)  What’s your favorite quirky thing to do in Oregon?  Picking roadside blackberries.
3)  What food do you dream about?  Dozens of Pacific Northwest oysters.
4)  What are your most beloved hobbies?  Writing, taking a Nordic sauna, cooking, hosting themed dinner parties, stargazing, quantum physics talk, and making up songs for my baby.
5)  A fun(nny) fact about you that only a few people know?  I used to do stand up comedy when I was a small child to entertain my family, as well as for school talent shows – my best work included impersonations of the cast of “Welcome Back Kotter”.
6)  Favorite song of all time.  And why?  “Sunshine on my Shoulders” by John Denver.  This song always makes me cry.  It’s was the song for the father/bride dance at my wedding.
7)  What motivated you to work in food/wine?  Honestly, I got bored with a cubicle desk job at a corporate think tank.  I told myself there had to be more to life than that.  So I took a job managing a whimsical wine shop in Washington, DC and haven’t looked back!  
8)  Favorite quote?  Barns burnt down…now I can see the moon (Mizuta Masahide).
9)  What do you want to be when you grow up?  A poet.
10)  If you had to get a tattoo right this second what would it be and why?  A realistic oyster with a pearl.  Lots of reasons.  I’m an east coast/west coast girl and oysters are a nice metaphor for living on both sides of the country.  Oyster shells are beautiful.  I love to eat them (oysters, not the shells).  I make white wines that are meant to accompany them.  Pearls are also lovely metaphors – patience, a grain of sand becoming a pearl.  And, for every major milestone in my life, my parents bought me Mikimoto pearls – earrings, a ring, and a string necklace.  They are treasures to me!  In fact, I really only wear my pearl earrings.


asa at frida 2

First Mate & Partner
Asa is husband to Leah and dad to Iver.