Oregon Heritage & Family History

“Dad grew up on a small family farm on Fox Hollow Road just outside of Eugene.  It seemed natural to return to my Oregon roots.”

Left:  Grandparents on the left, Thelma Thorson Jorgensen (holding my dad, Kermit) and Lauris “Lawrence” Jorgensen, with my uncle Ken and aunt Irene in front, next to great-aunt Maysel (Thelma’s sister) and great-uncle Johnny (Lauris’s brother) with children Don and Mavis, 1937.
How cute – two sisters married two brothers!
Right:  My uncle Ken, my dad Kermit (on tricycle) and my aunt Irene Jorgensen at their farm on Fox Hollow Road in Eugene, Oregon, 1941.

Agricultural Roots in Oregon and Beyond…

In 2004, Leah made her way out west to her father’s home state of Oregon to attend a highly coveted wine industry event – Oregon Pinot Camp.  Within hours of her visit in the Willamette Valley, she found a way back to the Pacific Northwest to work where her great-grandparents had settled and farmed.  Her grandfather’s side came to Oregon by way of Denmark and her grandmother’s side from Norway.  Both lines of her family had been farm owners and workers in Scandinavia long before coming to America in the late 1800s.  Both families lived and worked on farms in Montana, Wisconsin and Minnesota, prior to Oregon.

Early Family History:  Jorgensens in Montana & Minnesota Before Arriving in Oregon

Early Family History: Thorsons in Minnesota & Montana Before Arriving in Oregon

Early Family History:  Former Jorgensen Family Farms in Aalborg, Denmark

Early Family History:  Thorson Family Farms in Vik, Sogn Fjordane, Norway

Italian Winemaking Lineage

Leah’s maternal great-grandfather, Pasquale Stravino, left his home in Caserta, Italia in the early 1900s to follow his dreams to establish himself as a prominent businessman in America.  He started his distribution and Italian grocer business in Allentown, Pennsylvania where he imported Italian meats, cheeses, olive oil and yes – wine!

Pasquale was a descendent of Marchese Piero Stravino, a baron and landowner in Montefalcone in Caserta, Italia (in the Campania region).   Wines from Marchese Stravino were in production beginning in the mid 1700s.

Stravino Family
Stravino Family in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  Great-grandparents Pasquale and Filomena with my grandmother, Alvira, in between them.

Stravino Heritage in Caserta, Italia

Stravino Wine

Former marketing card for Marchese Stravino wines by Cive Imports in Boston, MA.

Marchese Stravino 1Barone Stravino

Vineyards in Montefalcone.