PRO-TIP / how to determine a wine’s aging potential

The aging potential of a wine is influenced by several factors, and assessing it involves considering various aspects of the wine’s characteristics. Here are some key factors to consider when determining a wine’s aging potential: It’s important to note that aging potential is not an exact science, and individual bottles of the same wine can […]

A Whirlwind Story for the Ages

Let me share a once-in-a-lifetime story.  As many of you probably already know, aside from being a winemaker, I am also a writer and a storyteller.  My undergraduate degree was in Literature and Creative Writing.  I also minored in Classics, Art History and Cultural Anthropology because those subjects were centered around human stories, as well.  On the academic […]

TOOLS WE LOVE / for wine collectors

FEATURE: Üllo Wine Purifier After writing my last post on Decanting Older Wines, I promised to review a tool that was mentioned – the Üllo Wine Purifier. It has received a number of favorable reviews and product recommendations online. While I’m writing this in my “Tools We Love” category, I’m not sure I can actually […]

PRO-TIP / decanting older wines

HOW TO AVOID COMMON MISTAKES & DISASTERS There’s nothing worse than opening up a special, rare, older bottle of wine that you’ve been waiting to enjoy, and you accidentally dump sediment right into the decanter after you had carefully and earnestly tried to prevent that from happening. That begs the question – how do you […]

Why You Should Join Our Collector’s List

(AND JUST SO YOU KNOW… A COLLECTOR’S LIST IS NOT A WINE CLUB) A wine club and a collector’s list are two different ways to acquire and enjoy wine. A wine club is a membership-based service that delivers a selection of wines to members on a regular basis. The wines are usually selected by a […]

Happy World Malbec Day!

WORLD MALBEC DAY is on Monday, April 17th and this is our eighth year celebrating! While we are a Cabernet Franc House – it is an absolute joy to include a few other gems in our winemaking portfolio – including not one, but two Malbecs – which I will be pouring at the first ever Malbec […]

PRO-TIP / for new wine collectors

THE COMMON STAGES OF WINE COLLECTING The journey from not drinking wine, to occasionally drinking wine, to obsessing over wine is one of enchantment and discovery. I remember when I first got interested in wine I had no preconceived notions about what I wanted to discover. I just enjoyed trying new wines in the company […]

TOOLS WE LOVE / for wine collectors

FEATURE: VinGardeValise® by FlyWithWine Image borrowed from FlyWithMe, Instagram, August 2022 One of the biggest challenges for wine consumers who travel to wine destinations is having to figure out how to return home with newly purchased wine. In most cases you would have to arrange for tasting rooms to ship your wine. Alaska Airlines got […]

5 Mistakes All Wine Collectors Make

Wine collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many around the world. Whether it’s for personal consumption or investment purposes, collecting wine requires knowledge and expertise. However, even the most experienced wine collectors can make mistakes. In this blog post, we will discuss five common mistakes that all wine collectors make and how to avoid them. […]

Why I Never Enter Wine Competitions & Pulled the Plug on Submitting My Wines for Scores:

CULTIVATING A MARKETING PROGRAM THAT IGNORES THE “COMPETITION” OUT THERE I have never entered my wine in a wine competition. Perhaps simply because I’m a mostly under-the-radar woman winemaker and tiny winery owner – I just don’t have the ego attached with winning or even competing. Beyond that, I have taken a more holistic, visionary-based […]