Collecting Wine

Leah Jørgensen Cellars crafts wine with intention.

Sourcing world class Cabernet Franc grapes and meticulously managing fermentations, barrel regime and wine chemistries, Leah’s philosophy and goal is to produce wines that will evolve with time – in the barrel, in the bottle and in the cellar.  Leah takes a minimalist and sustainable approach in her winemaking practices while still guiding the wine toward its natural fruit character and aging potential. 

Cabernet Franc is one of those rare varietals that naturally ages well.  This is at the heart of why Leah refers to Cabernet Franc as the ultimate Cinderella grape – those who know it well, know that it’s the real belle of the ball.  

We understand the demand for valuable, collectible wine and we are proud to supply a limited audience of collectors with rare and special fine wine that evolves well beyond a decade and increases in value each year.  We hold authentic provenance with each bottle cellared in our wine library and our scarcity and cult status, along with prominent media coverage, positions these wines as not just highly collectible, but as a wise wine to include in your investment portfolio.

A table set for 4 in the wine tasting garage at Leah Jørgensen Cellars

What makes Leah Jørgensen Cellars wines collectible?

Cabernet Franc. When made with intention, these wines can age well over twenty years. We dive into Cabernet Franc’s ability to age gracefully and evolve in the bottle in our Field Notes articles. Stay tuned for those posts.

Scarcity. From small vineyard sources, vintage limitations (drought) and losses, these wines are extremely limited in production.  Leah specializes in making small-lot, sustainable, handcrafted wines.  It is never her intention to scale or make mass market wine.  She produces under 2000 cases annually.

Acclaim. While we don’t align with contests, we do have 90+ scores and we feel, more importantly, that it is our exceptional editorial presence that tells a greater story about the quality, value and desirability of our wines. Leah has been featured in Forbes, Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Imbibe, Sunset, Portland Monthly, SIP Northwest, 1859, Oregon Wine Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Oregonian and more.

Top James Beard & Michelin Star awarded Restaurants and Retailers in select markets have supported our wines – including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York City, and Washington, DC.

Resources for Collectors

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