Frequently Asked Questions.

Why, thank you for asking!


Q.  Do you have a tasting room and what are the hours of operation?
We are a tiny family business with a quaint farmy homestead in Newberg, Oregon – situated in the heart of Oregon wine country.  While we do not operat a tasting room, we currently offer very limited private tastings by appointment only (we have a toddler – so life is not always as flexible as we’d like!), but we will soon have a part-time helper available to conduct an assortment of private tasting experiences and micro-bespoke events.  We will make the announcement once we have our helper in place!

Q.  How do I schedule a wine tasting appointment?
Contact us at  844-LJC-Wine  or email   info@ljcwineco.com

Please note we are a small, family-run business and your call/email is important to us and we’ll get back to you, but, we check voicemail and emails once a week.  Please allow for a couple of days for a grace period.  We recommend contacting us well in advance of your desired tasting date.



Q.  Where can I find your wines?
We love it when people order our wines from us online!  Of course, that depends on whether or not your state allows for direct shipping.  Order Wine Now!

To find out if we can legally ship to your state, please visit:  FREE THE GRAPES.

Otherwise, we are distributed in a few markets.  To find our list of distributors, please find the COMPASS.

Q.  When I order your wine online I don’t know how to include my shipping info.
Unfortunately, not all online shopping carts are the same.  Because we use Square Marketplace, there’s no built-in shipping for wine.  So, the instructions on the homepage explain you need to place your wine order first and then go back and select the appropriate shipping method – which gives you prompts to complete your order.  We apologize for the extra step and confusion. 

If all else fails, here’s the link to complete your shipping when ordering our wine online:

Q.  Do you have a wine club?
Yes!  We have two subscriptions to our Treasure Trove Wine Club.   Please visit our “Believers” section of the website and scroll down to find more information about our two subscriptions – the “Half Case” and “Case” options.