Happy World Malbec Day!

Leah Jorgensen Jean

WORLD MALBEC DAY is on Monday, April 17th and this is our eighth year celebrating!

While we are a Cabernet Franc House – it is an absolute joy to include a few other gems in our winemaking portfolio – including not one, but two Malbecs – which I will be pouring at the first ever Malbec in the City at Castaway in Portland on April 30th.  Tickets are on sale now!

I decided to make Malbec when I saw the vineyard block at Crater View Ranch in a lower elevation spot (900 ft) and in the same field where we saw excavated fossils and ancient ocean bottom material from a subduction that happened some 250 million years ago. With full sunshine and long degree days for heat, this block allows the grapes to fully ripen. In the evenings, a marine influence brings about considerable cooling temperatures that help to augment acidity.

From the beginning I knew this wine was special. For one, it’s uniquely Oregon. And, right now is the opportunity to be part of the narrative that distinguishes Old World from New World Malbecs, and Oregon from anywhere else in the world. That distinction can be experienced first hand at this year’s Malbec in the City in Portland.

This wine always attracts the most attention in the cellar during harvest when it’s fermenting – it smells like warm blueberry pie baking in the oven – and literally takes over the cellar in the most pleasant as possibly way. As the wine matures in barrel, the spectrum of dark berries continue, along with plum, and black cherries, spice, violets, black pepper, with a subtle herbal quality.

It’s certainly an exciting time to try Oregon Malbec!

I’m pleased to offer a one-day special celebratory discount on the current line up of Malbec wines: the 2017 Sparkling Red “Pétillant Un-Naturel” (Carbon Stone Method) and the 2018 Malbec.

These stunning wines share a hue of deep purple with a magenta halo, and offer a glimpse into the magic of Crater View Ranch Vineyard in the Rogue Valley – my coveted source for Cabernet Franc.

2017 “Pétillant Un-Natural” Sparkling Malbec, Rogue Valley, $45/bottle ⁠
The intent was to create a slight fizz, a pétillance found in festive red wines like Lambrusco or Brachetto d’acqui. This particular style is dry, tannic with its moderate acidity amplified by the slight fizz in the glass.

2018 Malbec, Rogue Valley, $40/bottle⁠
French Malbec, called Côt in the Loire Valley, specifically in the sub-region of Touraine, is more rustic than the young, fruity, or heavy-weight Malbecs from the New World, and produces earthy dark wines with good acidity.

Also – Just on World Malbec Day – I am opening up my private Library Collection of three spectacular vintages of Malbec!

• 2014 Vintage – Just 4 bottles left!  $85/bottle.

• 2015 Vintage – Just 12 bottles left!  $75/bottle.

• 2016 Vintage – Just 30 bottles left!  $55/bottle.

There are no discounts on Library Wines.

For the current 2017 and 2018 releases – use the Promo Code: MALBEC

The Promo Code discount is only good on Monday!


Enjoy Mmmmmmalbec! And come see me at Malbec in the City on April 30th!