We’re giddy to launch a very exciting NEW kind of wine experience!

A monthly wine “social” subscription called “Me & My Winemaker Friends”.

Each month you will get two bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep – one of mine and one made by one of my friends.

You’ll get a deliverable with content that varies from a recipe by each winemaker or a QR code for a special discount or gift.

Each month a video will be released on YouTube where Leah interviews her winemaking friends on a short but entertaining show called “Between Two Vines”.

Subscribers can also opt in to join the private “Me & My Wine Friends” Facebook group set up to be a social site for sharing wine notes, photos and videos regarding each month’s shipment.And there’s more!

Starts in July 2021 but we are taking pre-registration sign ups now!

There are no fees to sign up. Limited space available, first come first serve. Simply enter your email address to request a subscription. We’ll send you a form to authorize your subscription along with rules – must be twenty-one and older to register.

It’s that easy!

Get to know me and my winemaker friends. And get ready to have some serious fun and make new friends with our wine social group!