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by Alexa Poteet |  The Vintner Project | JULY 27, 2020

Free-spirited winemaker Leah Jørgensen followed her early love of Loire varieties to become Oregon’s premier Cabernet Franc producer in a sea of Pinot Noir

By Elizabeth Woessner

Wine Country International Magazine

February 2022

By Stacy Briscoe

WINE ENTHUSIAST | February 2021

featured on Side Hustle Wino | January 2021

by Michelle Williams

FORBES | December 2020

by Shelby Vittek

WINEMAG.COM | December 2020/p>

Sommelier Talk: A Day in the Life: Chris Cannon Remakes a New Jersey Landmark – and Himself

by Gillian Sciaretta

WINE SPECTATOR.COM [Restaurants] | January 25, 2019

by Lauren Mowery |  Forbes | February 21, 2019

Jørgensen’s elevator pitch positions her as a “seventeen-year wine industry veteran making expressive interpretations of France’s Loire Valley wines centered around Cabernet Franc grown in Southern Oregon.” But peeling back the layers of her life exposes the nuance of her humanity – and gender: she’s a second careerist who left a corporate think tank for love of wine; a Gen X winemaker already confronting climate change; a new mother navigating the stress of running a small business without traditional maternity leave; and she’s a creative at heart, capable of seeing the world both romantically and analytically, though she doesn’t practice “poetic” winemaking.


by Paul Gregutt

Wine Enthusiast | January 2019

by Tracy Ellen Beard | January 2019

by Gillian Sciaretta

Sunset Magazine’s 120th Anniversary Issue | November 2018

by Paul Gregutt and Jordan Michelman

Portland Monthly | September 2018

Wines of the Week

By Chuck Hill

Wines Northwest | September 2018

Wine Enthusiast | September 2018

Empowered Imbibing: Drink Producers Contribute to Gender Equality

by Paul Gregutt

Sip Northwest Magazine | Spring 2018 | April 2018

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2018 Blanc de Cabernet Franc
Mae’s Vineyard

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2018 Cabernet Franc
Southern Oregon


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Crater View Ranch Vineyard


2016 "Clos Rogue Valley" Reserve Cabernet Franc
Sundown Vineyard


2016 Oregon "Tour Rain" Vin Rouge

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2016 Cabernet Franc

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2016 Oregon "Tour Rain" Vin Rouge


2015 "Clos Rogue Valley" Reserve Cabernet Franc


2014 "Grand Reserve" Cabernet Franc


2015 Malbec
Crater View Vineyard