Time Travel: 2012

“FLAT TRACK” CABERNET FRANC Back in 2013, when I was getting ready to bottle my first 100% Cabernet Franc red wine, I decided to do something special to commemorate this inaugural wine. My first vintage was in 2011 and I made just a barrel’s worth of white Cabernet Franc, my signature Blanc de Cabernet Franc. […]


In 2011 I came up with an idea. I had a vision for an Oregon wine beyond the state’s love affair with Pinot Noir. There’s no place in America quite like Southern Oregon for growing the best Cabernet Franc in the same echelon as the home of arguably the best Cabernet Franc in the world, […]


According to Wikipedia: “A gap year, also known as a sabbatical year, is a period of time when students take a break from their studies, usually after completing high school or before beginning graduate school. During this time, students engage in a variety of educational and developmental activities, such as traveling, working, volunteering, or taking […]

CF & FOOD / the ultimate pizza wine

Summertime brings me the best memories of chewy, bubbly, Neapolitan pizza – especially when reminiscing about my travels to Italy to visit parts of the Campania where my maternal great-grandparents were born and raised. While pizza is delicious anytime of year – there’s something about an outdoor pizza oven baking a fresh pie in the […]

2015: Vintage of Dreams

Photo: Me back in 2016 staging the 2015 red wine barrels to prepare blends for bottling. Every vintner has an unforgettable vintage.     Tucked away in the hallowed spaces where memory pirouettes and swoons with nostalgia for a special time, place, and moment – there are markers of a great vintage that ripple with such distinction […]

Happy World Malbec Day!

WORLD MALBEC DAY is on Monday, April 17th and this is our eighth year celebrating! While we are a Cabernet Franc House – it is an absolute joy to include a few other gems in our winemaking portfolio – including not one, but two Malbecs – which I will be pouring at the first ever Malbec […]