According to Wikipedia: “A gap year, also known as a sabbatical year, is a period of time when students take a break from their studies, usually after completing high school or before beginning graduate school. During this time, students engage in a variety of educational and developmental activities, such as traveling, working, volunteering, or taking […]

WE GET YOU / wine motivations

Some producers may never learn what truly motivates their customers. In our defense, we often get stuck in a loop about trying to distinguish the uniqueness of our products, of our branding, and in creating offers in earnest attempts to motivate sales. What happens more often than not, we’re so focused on our businesses and […]

5 Mistakes All Wine Collectors Make

Wine collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many around the world. Whether it’s for personal consumption or investment purposes, collecting wine requires knowledge and expertise. However, even the most experienced wine collectors can make mistakes. In this blog post, we will discuss five common mistakes that all wine collectors make and how to avoid them. […]

Why I Never Enter Wine Competitions & Pulled the Plug on Submitting My Wines for Scores:

CULTIVATING A MARKETING PROGRAM THAT IGNORES THE “COMPETITION” OUT THERE I have never entered my wine in a wine competition. Perhaps simply because I’m a mostly under-the-radar woman winemaker and tiny winery owner – I just don’t have the ego attached with winning or even competing. Beyond that, I have taken a more holistic, visionary-based […]

TOOLS WE LOVE / for wine collectors

FEATURE: THE DURAND® There’s nothing more disappointing than beginning the ceremony of cutting back the foil then twisting a traditional corkscrew into the cork of a special, rare bottle of wine, and then, even with the most gentle effort to pull and remove the cork, it crumbles leaving chunks of cork all around the corkscrew […]