Why You Should Join Our Collector’s List

Leah Jorgensen Jean


A wine club and a collector’s list are two different ways to acquire and enjoy wine.

A wine club is a membership-based service that delivers a selection of wines to members on a regular basis. The wines are usually selected by a sommelier, a wine expert – or a winemaker (!) – and may include rare or hard-to-find bottles. Wine club members typically receive a discount on their purchases and may have access to exclusive events or tastings.

A collector’s list, on the other hand, is a curated selection of wines offered by a wine merchant, restaurant – or a winemaker (!) – and the list typically includes rare, aged, or high-end wines that are not usually found in retail stores. Collectors may purchase these wines for long-term cellaring or for immediate consumption. A collector’s list is often targeted towards serious wine enthusiasts or collectors who are looking to build their wine collections.

There are several reasons why someone might want to sign up for a wine collector’s list – and we are putting together our very own LJC Collector’s List for the following reasons:

  1. Access to rare and exclusive wines: Wine collectors’ lists often offer access to limited production or rare wines that are not available to the general public. By joining our collector’s list, you may have the opportunity to purchase these wines before they sell out.
  2. Expert curation: Collector’s lists are often curated by wine experts who have a deep knowledge of the industry and a discerning palate – and in our case they are bottles directly from the winemaker/owner’s private library collection. By following our collector’s list, you can trust that the wines you are purchasing have been carefully selected and vetted by the most knowledgeable professional!
  3. Investment potential: Wine can be a valuable investment, and collector’s lists often feature wines that have a high potential for appreciation over time. By investing in these wines, you may be able to realize a significant return on your investment down the line. You can learn more about wine as investment in our Master Class – which is accessorized with helpful handouts and worksheets geared to helping you set your goals and understand how to build your own wine investment.
  4. Networking opportunities: By joining a collector’s list, you may be able to connect with other wine enthusiasts and collectors who share your passion for the industry – or in our case, our winery! This can be a valuable way to expand your knowledge and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Overall, signing up for a wine collector’s list can be a great way to gain access to our most rare and exclusive wines, connect with other LJC wine enthusiasts, and potentially even make a sound investment. To join the LJC Collector’s List, follow the link below!